Below are the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do I use AprilGuard Organisol?

Use instructions are printed on each container.

Directions: Dissolve two ounces of Liquid Organisol or one ounce of Powdered Organisol per gallon in room temperature tap water. Two ounces of Powdered Organisol may be used for heavily soiled instruments. Instruments can be soaked throughout the day and rinsed together. For best results change the soaking solution every day or when visibly contaminated. Soaking a minimum of three minutes is recommended.

Where can I find a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

There is a direct link to all SDS's in the top navigation bar. You can also find a specific SDS on each individual product page.

Why can't I find your products on retail shelves?

Athena Medical Products sells products through healthcare distributors. However, we do have a website for retail sales:

Is Athena Medical Products related to Chester Packaging?

Effective since February 1, 2016, Chester Packaging closed.  Athena Medical Products continues to sell some of the Chester products.