AprilGuard® Organisol® Detergents effectively dissolve and suspend dried blood, serum, tissue samples, culture nutrients and other proteinaceous matter. One ounce turns one gallon of tap water into unequaled soaking solution. Organisol detergents are effective on surgical instruments, laboratory porcelain, rubber, plastic and glassware. Cleaning is quick and easy with no scrubbing. Organisol Detergents won’t rust your expensive instruments, and the formula is non-toxic and odorless. We also formulated Organisol detergents to be biodegradable with a sequestering agent that makes it just as effective in hard water as in soft. Organisol is not for disinfecting instruments.

Directions: Dissolve two ounces of Liquid Organisol or one ounce of Powdered Organisol per gallon in room temperature tap water. Two ounces of Powdered Organisol may be used for heavily soiled instruments. Instruments can be soaked throughout the day and rinsed together. For best results change the soaking solution every day or when visibly contaminated. Soaking a minimum of three minutes is recommended.

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